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How can a wayfinding program

improve your bottom line?


You pay a lot of money for top-tier medical talent, and they need to see patients to bring in revenue.  Missed appointments mean lost revenue and reduced productivity.  PATHwayfinding’s integrated approach to navigating healthcare environments will ensure that every patient reaches their appointments on time. 

On time patients = increased throughput = improved productivity.



PATH Program Overview

Few spaces are as complex or serve as diverse a community as healthcare. In response to the specific needs of these environments, we have developed a wayfinding and navigation paradigm called PATH, Patient Access to Healthcare.

PATH is based upon the idea that the logical organization and well-designed display of information and the intentional integration of architectural cues into the wayfinding process will result in a positive patient and visitor experience.

PATH reflects our philosophy that signs communicate information that improve the functionality of the built environment, and considers aesthetics, initial cost and ongoing maintenance. 

PATH Guiding Principles


  1. Focus on the patient/visitor experience based upon how information is consumed.

  2. Communicate the operational and functional program of the specific facility.

  3. Collaborate with other design team members to integrate wayfinding into the fabric of the building.

  4. Utilize progressive disclosure to reveal information only as it is necessary to inform the wayfinding process.

  5. Encourage design standards and emphasize wayfinding components through customization.

  6. Reflect the culture of the organization and complement the environment.

  7. Accommodate change and ongoing maintenance.

  8. Provide effective communication, all wayfinding must be both intuitive and functional.

PATHwayfinding - Guiding Principles

As a team of practiced professionals with backgrounds in graphic and industrial design, fine art, architecture and fabrication, PATH brings an interdisciplinary approach to each project.  Our expertise allows us to uncover a variety of solutions to wayfinding challenges that share a single philosophy:  design that offers the most creative and effective format for communicating directions – from concept to completion. 




A successful wayfinding program requires a comprehensive network of elements to create an effortless navigation system and a fluid experience. By offering a broad range of services, PATHwayfinding provides our clients with fully-integrated solutions that welcome and orient visitors and create a positive first impression. 


Since 1999, PATHwayfinding has been helping healthcare organizations develop the way they connect and communicate with their visitors by:

  • Enhancing the sense of arrival and place making.

  • Designing clear and informative sign systems.

  • Developing maps and journey planners.

  • Supporting each organization’s visual identity.

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To develop the best possible solution, PATHwayfinding considers every aspect of the process of navigation. When wayfinding is so intuitive it goes unnoticed, a positive patient experience is achieved. Whenever possible, collaboration with other design professionals integrates wayfinding into the very fabric of the built environment. Our approach to developing wayfinding solutions addresses consistency, legibility, reliability, sustainability, positioning, orientation and safety.

PATHwayfinding Infographic - Process


Competition to attract patients has only increased over the years and the recent healthcare reform changes have only magnified this trend. As hospital organizations work harder than ever to build connections within their communities, it is extremely important to consider the entire patient experience from home, to doctor’s office. Ensuring that visitors can navigate a hospital’s campus easily is a huge step toward a positive user experience, which translates to patient loyalty.

PATHwayfinding has recently completed a digital wayfinding installation at St. Luke's Hospital in Allentown, PA.   


Watch the video below to learn more:


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