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Bryn Mawr Exterior Wayfinding Program

Main Line Health (MLH)

Bryn Mawr, PA

Bryn Mawr Exterior Wayfinding Program

Bryn Mawr Hospital had constructed a new parking garage facility and renovated their Emergency department, resulting in an entrance relocation that significantly impacted vehicular, pedestrian, and EMS circulation on the campus. As a result, they embarked on an exterior wayfinding program that better defined their campus and addressed the needs of a community they had served for more than 100 years.


We provided a reserved sign system that established a formal language similar to the ornamental wrought iron fencing common along Philadelphia’s Main Line. The fencing was used to create gateways on Bryn Mawr Avenue and redirect traffic to the new parking garage, as well as differentiate the existing Lancaster Avenue Parking Garage.


The sign system was designed to be expandable, accommodating plan for future expansion of the campus.

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