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KISS . . . . Keep it Simple and Standardized

KISS – is the first rule of good design: Keep It Simple, Stupid! As they say “To design something complex is simple. To design something simple is complex.”

Following that rule, we at PATHwayfinding have a new definition for KISS – “Keep it Simple and Standardized.” In support of that new rule, we have developed a standardized design for a family of interior signs that effectively communicates in the health care environment. It is ADA compliant, non-proprietary, cost effective to manufacture and easily updated and maintained.

We have organized the system into four categories: Orientation, Direction, Identification, and Information.

  1. Orientation signs provide information about your location, and your destination. They may include maps and lists of destinations.

  2. Direction signs use arrows to point you along your way. These are the people-mover signs that should be the most visible and customizable.

  3. Identification signs label destinations.

  4. Information signs provide additional information about access to departments, or regulatory information for Life Safety.

The goal of our Standardized Design is to facilitate the navigation of your environment and support your identity and brand, not the design of a sign.

The system of signs can be modified to complement any interior environment. Your organization benefits from sign standardization through economies of scale, simplified maintenance and ease of navigation.

I am always interested in learning how to improve the wayfinding process and I’d love your feedback! If you have any comments or questions please send me an email or give me a call.

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