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Interior Wayfinding Program

St Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN) 

Bethlehem, PA

700,000 Square Feet

St. Lukes University Health Network - Interior Wayfinding Program

St Luke’s interior sign system was outdated, and poorly maintained. An expansion in the late 70’s resulted in a linear orientation to the campus with competing primary entrances on two levels of the facility. A recent exterior sign program identified the entrances as “A” and “B”, and had been publicized for patients and visitors.


The new wayfinding program separated the facility into three zones for easier circulation. The PATH standard sign system was implemented to provide clear, concise organization of the facility at each entrance, and clearly communicate the entrances, and the level change.


As part of the program, an interior “gps” wayfinding app was implemented and integrated with the static sign system. We designed graphic maps for the facility, and made certain that terminology and wayfinding methodology was consistent across the wayfinding program. The successful result immediately improved wayfinding in the facility.

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