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Comprehensive Interior and Exterior Wayfinding Program

The Reading Hospital and Medical Center (TRHMC)

 Reading, PA

 Over 1.5 Million Square Feet

The Reading Hospital had served the West Reading community for more than 100 years and planned an extensive renovation that would relocate the main entrance of the facility. The iconic clock tower, that had become emblematic of the health system, would now become a secondary entrance, as modernization, increased service lines, and improved patient and vehicular circulation reorganized the campus and increased the foot print of the contiguous facility.


We provided a comprehensive interior and exterior wayfinding program, implemented in a series of phases during the course of our engagement. The successful outcome resulted a publicity campaign that notified patients of circulation changes, and new, more visible exterior sign program that emphasized the circulation changes, and a number of enhancements to the sign system that included;  campus maps and identification panels that cue vehicular traffic approaching the new main entrance.


The sign system was designed to be expandable, accommodating plan for future expansion of the campus.

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