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The  Reading Hospital and Medical Center "LiNK"

The Reading Hospital and Medical Center (TRHMC)

Reading, PA

The Reading Hospital had served the West Reading community for more than 100 years and planned an extensive renovation that would relocate the main entrance of the facility. Connecting corridors, on the Ground Floor and Floor 2 between the old and new entrances were designated as the CONNECTOR and a logo was created incorporating building designations from a previous graphic wayfinding program.


We provided an analysis of circulation, graphics and terminology and recommended only using the Floor 2 corridor and integrating specific elevators into the pathway in order to eliminate choice. We identified “LiNK” as a better term, and suggested that as a “people-mover” the link should incorporate the concept of moving people between two destinations.


A new logo was developed that literally incorporated figures into the logo. We then used the silhouettes as graphics to designate the corridor along with additional signage and identifiers at key transition points.


The program not only succeeded in designating the corridor, but now enabled non-English speakers to easily navigate to the appropriate entrance simply be telling them to “follow the people”.


See the project case study for more information.

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