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Interior Wayfinding Program

Temple University Health System (TUHS)

Philadelphia, PA

1 Million Square Feet

Temple Hospital’s sign system displayed messages in both English and Spanish. It was outdated, and poorly maintained. Although it served the Latino community, translations were not accurate, and the additional copy made many signs appear crowded and illegible.


The new wayfinding program separated the facility into four zones for easier circulation. The sign system, which became the foundation for the PATH standard, was designed in crisp white panels with black copy. The Administration selected Castilano Spanish as the translation for the signs. Spanish text was slightly smaller in scale, and displayed on a 15% gray background to improve sign legibility and better organize the information.


The successful result immediately improved wayfinding in the facility. Training was provided to the staff and employees, and brochures explained simple methods of providing directions to patients and maps for employees to become familiar with the zoning.

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